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Team of the Week: TEAM PEG (Mennemeier, Glassman & Stroud’s)

"While service and support of worthy causes is part of our personal credo, we would like to tell you why breast cancer awareness, specifically early detection, is particularly resonant for our team members this year.

One of our friends and co-workers is named Peg; loving mom, principled attorney, and multi-tasker extraordinaire all bundled into one "make the world a better place" package. She is also a woman currently meeting her breast cancer challenge head-on with all of us waving metaphorical pom-poms as she does it. Her success may be attributed in equal parts to her winning attitude, loving friends and family, and early detection.

Early detection is a huge part of what the Susan G. Komen organization promotes, in addition to allocating loads of dollars toward mammograms for low income women. These are two, albeit separate, but extremely significant pursuits that we support. Every one of us has several women in our lives who love us, nurture us, befriend us, and even mentor us. These relationships are vital and we want our beloved women of substance healthy and around for a looonnnngggg time. Our team proudly supports women, our Peg, each other, and all of you in this year's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

We will be detailing TEAM PEG's journey on our Facebook page (see below) and in these pages, so please do stay tuned.

Give me a T—T! Give me an E—E! Give me an A—A! Give me an M—M! Give me a P—P! Give me an E—E! Give me a G—G! What’s that spell? TEAM PEG!"

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Team Peg currently has 26 members and has raised $1,733.88! Congratulations on earning a team sign, photo and a place on the Rockin’ Wall of Fame!

team peg